Emma was busy touring in 2018.  She has several writing projects on the go this year.  Watch this space....

Past Show

CTRL+ALT+DELETE by Emma Packer

CTRL+ALT+DELETE has been re-written and developed since it was seen at the Edinburgh Festival in 2014.  It gained 4/5 Star reviews this year as part of the Camden Fringe in 2016 and is back on for two nights in April at the Tristan Bates Theatre.

CTRL+ALT+DELETE by Emma Packer is a tale of resilience in the face of adversity. Amy Jones from Brixton is an emotionally charged girl with a strong political heart.   She challenges the injustices of the world, where war rips communities apart, equality isn't universal and your biggest enemies are sometimes the very ones who brought you into the world. 

CTRL+ALT+DELETE was long listed for the Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award who commented that the piece is a powerful and emotive production which is worthy of acknowledgement as both a theatrical and activist piece.


'Harrowing, Haunting and Wholly Deserving of ★★★★★' (The Peg Review)


'Emma Packer’s writing and performance were magnificent. Everything from her voice, to her physicality and the emotion that was invested in the relationships and all the characters portrayed were faultless.' ★★★★ (Everything Theatre)


'It’s no mean feat to compel an audience with so little to look at, but nothing else is needed in the light of Packer’s writing and performance.' ★★★★ (Last Minute Theatre Tickets)